Obesity is a challenge not only for patients, but for surgeons too. In our multidisciplinary highly specialized Center for Obesity Surgery we provide the most sophisticated treatment for obesity available today. We regard surgery as one of several important parts in the optimal treatment of obesity. We want to help you find your optimal solution !

Dr. Nicolas Clément, Head Surgeon

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About us

Swiss Obesity Center is a multidisciplinary center for the treatment of obesity, situated in Zürich, Switzerland. Our team consists of surgeons, nutritional specialists and gastroenterologists. We can offer all necessary preoperative investigations (i.e. gastroscopy, sonography, nutritional advice, laboratory testing etc) directly in our center. We perform all surgical interventions in internationally renowned hospitals that offer excellent service and most modern equipment.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a multifactorial chronic disease, characterized by overweight and its associated comorbidities, e.g. Type 2 Diabetes, arterial Hypertension etc. 
Obesity has become one of the most important diseases worldwide and has a strong impact on the quality of life of patients.  A multidisciplinary treatment is needed to treat this condition with optimal results.

Why Surgery?

Surgery has been shown to be the most effective treatment for obesity. It results in sustained long-term weight loss and resolution or improvement of associated comorbidities. Our experienced surgical team is happy to provide you with detailed informations based on the actual state of scientific knowledge.

What we offer 

We are a highly specialized center for the treatment of obesity and its related diseases. Our modern facilities provide the ideal environment for all preoperative investigations and consultations including visits by the nutritionalist or preoperative endoscopy. At Swiss Obesity Center in Zürich you will be accompanied by our team from the first contact to the discharge from the hospital and during your follow-up visits. Your Surgeon is always available and leads you through your entire treatment pathway. Our entire team focuses all its efforts around you and on your personal goals. By choosing to be treated in Switzerland you can benefit from all advantages that our renowned healthcare system can offer to you. We can offer you the most sophisticated and effective treatment for obesity! Experience the difference!

Hospitals for Surgery

All our preoperative and postoperative investigations and consultations take place in our specialized Center in Thalwil, Switzerland. 
For the Surgery you can chose from Hospitals near our Center depending on your preference. Surgeries can take place at the Hospital in Lachen  or at the private clinic Bethanien in Zurich. We will provide you with detailed informations about all facilities in the respective hospital and are happy to organize your stay during your treatment.

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